How to: the white blazer


Our ultimate guide to the tailored jacket you never knew your wardrobe was missing

Ah, the white blazer. The statement-making hit of summer seasons, making appearances at everything from a day at the races to the inevitable Great Gatsby-themed party one of your friends will choose for his 30th birthday party, but just how do you pull it off for this time of year? It’s a daunting prospect for most men… and with good reason too. The last thing you want is to rock up to this season’s swankiest events only to hear, “Can I have another glass of champagne, please?” so here are some rules to keep in mind:

1. First things first, choose an off-white option

Dazzling is a word you want associated with your smile, not your jacket. A sparkling white blazer is perfectly suitable at a high-profile event or awards night, but in almost every other instance wear an off-white one. The Mask blazer has the right blend of classic and contemporary edge in a soft tone to ensure no one will look at you and wonder why you aren’t holding a tray of canapés.

2. Consider it your statement piece

The one thing to remember with a white blazer is that it is the only “loud” piece your outfit will require. Your best bet is to pair it with muted colours that will complement the white, rather than clash with it.

3. Keep things skinny

To ensure that your white blazer receives the attention it deserves, and as is often the case with wearing white anyway, keep your trousers skinny to draw attention to the jacket.

4. Don’t roll up the sleeves

Just trust us on this one.

Three ways to wear a white blazer

Black is best

For a look that’s more David Gandy than Don Johnson, make the white blazer the finishing touch to an all-black outfit. A black crew-neck T-shirt, black skinny or slim-fit trousers and a black leather dress shoe all paired with a white jacket is a slick sartorial swerve that will turn all heads in the room… for the right reason, of course.

Work it

For an option that can take you from a day at the office to dinner and drinks in the evening, wear a rollneck underneath your blazer. We recommended the Olive version in burgundy to inject some seasonal colour to proceedings. Opt for grey trousers to ensure the colours don’t clash. To add some flair, the Haven in charcoal with its Prince Of Wales print keeps things looking sharp. Swap out a shoe for a leather boot for some extra edge. 

Dress to impress

No white blazer guide would be complete without offering the full tux look for that special occassion. Keep it classic with a white shirt and black tuxedo trousers. The Marcel shirt in cotton brings glamour to the table with its contrasting black buttons while the slim cut of the tailored Whitehouse trousers adds sophistication. For footwear, look no further than the Filmore. Its elegant double monk strapstrikes a confident note. Wear a dress scarf over the jacket for an extra measure of individuality. We recommend a patterned scarf, such as the Preston in navy.