How To Wear Stripes


If you're going to wear any pattern this season, make it stripes. We show you how to wear four different stripes well


We owe a great debt to our Gallic neighbours for the Breton stripe which joins a long list of of great French inventions we’ve grown rather attached to. Transcending its naval origins, the Breton stripe has become sartorial shorthand for timeless summer style, though in truth the Breton stripe will serve you well all year round.

Our take on this classic style takes the spirt of the original, but updates with a half stripe design and short sleeves. The combination of a Breton stripe top and sand chinos has yet to be bettered, so stick with this tried-and-tested formula, updating with a pair of luxe white leather sneakers.


After what seems like an eternity of being looked upon as the the pariah of the tailoring world (post financial cash, it’s definitely not cool to channel the wardrobe of a banker) the time finally feels right to reintroduce the pinstripe suit to the fold of menswear.

The problem with the pinstripe is that for too long it found itself the natural partner for shapeless tailoring. 2017 is the year that marks a reversal of fortunes for the pinstripe suit. We’ve streamlined the cut and rendered the suit’s eponymous stripes subtly, so there’s no need to fear looking like you’ve strayed too far from Wall Street. What’s more, when paired with a simple T-shirt and sneakers this classic stripe feels surprisingly forward-thinking.


If Breton stripes and pin stripes aren’t nearly bold enough for you, consider the graphic stripe which offers a more attention-grabbing way to wear print. Aside from an unmistakable presence, the draw of the graphic stripe is that it always feels fresh and no two graphic stripes look exactly the same.

As with all bold prints, you’ll need to let the graphic stripe speak for itself by making sure the rest of your outfit is fairly subdued. Pair with navy or black and keep overcomplicated textures and layering to a minimum.


We know what you’re thinking, fine stripes on a shirt are as about as far as it’s possible to get from ground-breaking. Take away your shirt’s collar (metaphorically speaking, via the granddad collar shirt) and suddenly a safe yet unremarkable wardrobe staple has a little bit more to offer in the way of sartorial excitement.

The fine stripe granddad collar shirt should be treated in much the same way you’d wear any other striped shirt. So, pair with a formal suit and shoes, but of course, in this case it’s definitely safer to lose the tie.