How The Modern Man Should Wear A Hoodie


No, you’re not too old to embrace the quintessential staple of the athleisure wear revolution

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Trends come and go in quick fashion in, well, the world of fashion, but acknowledgement must be made to the steely resolve with which the athleisure wear phenomenon has taken over the wardrobes of men. No, we don’t mean the band hoodies solely reserved for angry, hormonal teens nor the ones pulled out on a Sunday morning following a heavy Saturday night. But instead, the hooded sweatshirt sported by all those worth their style cred, from the cream of rap and hip hop to off-duty A-listers.

If you’re a man in your mid-to-late twenties and above, wearing a hoodie as part of your weekend apparel or for casual Fridays at the office may not immediately come to mind as the right option. Is it too casual? Is it too street style? Is it reflective of a lazy person? Does it look too childish? These are all relevant questions, but cast your mind away from the stereotypical view and become open to the new style of hoodie that has changed the menswear landscape. Utterly cool yet contemporary in flair and fit, the hoodie can really strike the right notes when worn in the right manner and with the right pieces.

Oversized, baggy shapes won’t inspire the kind of sharp edge needed to make the hoodie look more sophisticated. The drape and fit of the hoodie should be slim to introduce a clean smartness to an otherwise quite soft and “comfortable” garment.

The hoodie is less about statement and more about being a versatile layering staple. A zip-up option works best when paired with denim or casual trousers and when worn under a coat or leather jacket – particularly the latter. Think of this as a decidedly cool take on casual off duty. Alternatively, a hoodie can also work with tailoring. Yes, you read that right. It’s all about blending the high with the low and throwing out tradition in favour of a new take on dressing down the suit.

Casual styles always look more dressed up when the colours are kept plain, but pastels can also bring a premium aesthetic to the table, especially during the lighter and brighter months. Regardless of colour, the most important thing is to keep it simple. Opt for a soft, pure fabric in a clean style (no rips or embellishments or in-your-face branding) to evoke that sports luxe sheen.