Three Ways To Wear Floral Prints This Season


Menswear influencers James Stewart, Joe Galvin and Parker Smith show you how best to wear floral prints this season

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When it comes to floral-printed shirts, there’s a fine line between a sophisticated take and looking like a self-described “hip” dad at a family barbecue. And while florals can be difficult to wear or style, the Hawaiian-inspired shirt has made such an incredible comeback that not being spotted in one this summer seems like a bit of a fashion faux-pas. We’ve enlisted the help of some of menswear’s top influencers to show you how best to embrace flower power.

 A New Take On The Hawaiian

The Hawaiian shirt is a loud, sartorial symbol of fun, but it’s also a pattern that most  steer clear from, save for wearing it ironically, of course. The thing is, this flamboyant floral style is having something of a moment in menswear and if Instagram is anything to go by, no wardrobe should be without one this summer. To avoid looking like the man suffering through a middle-aged crisis while holidaying solo in Ibiza, take direction from James Stewart, who has turned a divisive staple in his favour by opting for a short-sleeved style with an open Cuban collar, rolled up sleeves and the hem tucked into smart trousers. The overall look has a smart silhouette, but the shirt’s playful print and the finishing touch of sneakers in the place of brogues gives this Hawaiian
a new lease of life.

Tickled Pink

When it comes to choosing a floral-printed shirt it is worth taking note of the colours as well as the pattern. The pink colour palette has seen a huge surge in popularity of late as men have been re-accustomed to wearing it on everything from sneakers to shirts to suiting. Take a leaf out of Joe Galvin’s book and button up in a soft-pink shirt peppered with smaller florals for a subtle statement. The beauty of this shirt lies in its versatility: it’s a charming addition to a two-piece suit and it also adds flair when paired with denim and Chelsea boots for Saturday-night attire.

Dressed (Up) To Kill

Floral print may be extrovert in nature, but there is no reason it can’t be worn in a less showy manner. A more sophisticated take on a loud piece, the tailored approach forgoes the playful vibe for something a little smarter and striking. Parker Smith shows just how well a printed shirt sits inside a two-piece suit. The double-breasted blazer adds a touch of sartorial flair to the overall look for an outfit that’s ready to impress at your next summer wedding. Follow Smith’s lead and keep the finishing touches simple.

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