How To Wear Camel


From the classic camel coat to the new camel blazer, we guide you through the camel pieces you need to know and show you how to wear them well

As the cold sets in it’s not just sun starved skin that loses its once bronzed hue, men’s wardrobes which have revelled in colour all summer long become moody shadows of their former selves. When winter is in, adventurousness is out; back to work, back to dressing with restraint. On the morning commute, the sight of a spotted sock in a bright colour is enough to send shockwaves around a carriage of commuters with pallor as lifeless as their clothes.

The one saving grace in this sea of black, navy and grey? Camel. Paradoxically, the most autumn/winter approved form of colour isn’t a less black form of black, but a tawny, light (and sometimes completely impractical) shade somewhere between brown and beige. Yet year after year it offers a much-needed lift for the cold weather wardrobe.

By the time a man hits his mid-twenties, he’s near-certain to have had some form of encounter with camel, be it unwelcome (there’s a special place in hell for those camel corduroy trousers pushed on pre-teens by their parents) or not (that teenage camel duffle coat is still cool and still a classic).

At its best camel is the embodiment of all of things one could want from a colour. Bold but not showy, sometimes sophisticated and occasionally effortless. It’s an overachieving and underappreciated wardrobe stalwart.

You’ll no doubt be most familiar with camel in coat form, and we’d still very much urge you to get on board if you haven’t already. After all, that which can be worn equally as well by Richard Gere and Kanye West surely deserves some kind of award for services to menswear. It’s not just the camel coat that should be on your radar however. Now, when it comes to camel you’re utterly spoilt for choice. It's indisputable, camel’s back and we’ve broken down how to dress every essential piece to its full potential below.


Best worn with a rollneck, jeans and Chelsea boots


Best worn with a zip knit, jeans and jodphur boots


Best worn with a t-shirt, tailored trousers and sneakers


Best worn with a sweatshirt, tailored trousers and formal shoes