How To: Style The Midi Skirt


We present three essential tips for styling the midi skirt

Initially expected to be just a fleeting trend, the midi skirt has defied the odds to hold sway as a chic staple. An A-line skirt that falls to mid-calf length, the midi has long been disregarded as dowdy and something suited only to those endowed with long legs. Not so, however. The midi now makes frequent appearances at the varying fashion weeks and is an essential go-to for any wardrobe worth its sartorial merit.

Part of the appeal of the midi is its versatility and timelessness: it works just as well in the office as it does dressed up for a night on the dance floor, both during the warmer spring and summer months and the darker days of autumn and winter. Not only that, the skirt’s silhouette means it actually falls at the part of your leg that’s most flattering, essentially creating the illusion of height, no matter how small or tall you actually are.

So, to answer the question that may be on your lips, we present three ways to style the midi…

With A Button-Down

It’s a smart option that marries a sense of sophistication with an office-ready style. Tuck the blouse into the midi for added cinch and roll the sleeves up a little during the warmer period for a cooler take. Finish with a leather jacket if you want a look that’s ready for post-work dinner and drinks.

With A Knit


It’s all about balance with the midi skirt. If the midi emphasises your bottom half, keep the top streamlined. A lightweight knit tucked into a pleated midi errs on the fashionable side of street styling while also showcasing the skirt’s flowy movement and texture.

With The Right Shoe

One of the biggest challenges of the midi skirt is, knowing what shoes you should wear it with that are both flattering and comfortable. There is no escaping the skirt’s long hem, so a pointed-toe heel works best to elongate your silhouette. A statement ankle boot also adds a certain cool charm to the midi, if you want to try something a little different.