How To Achieve: The Textured Messy Crop


Barbers and men's hairdressing experts, Closed On Monday, reveal how to achieve this season's sharpest hairstyle

Closed on Monday champion the art of British barbering and gentlemen’s hairdressing. Inspired by the originality of each experience with a British master barber, they prize attention to detail, informed conversation, modest yet certain skill and a high-quality finish. Here, their grooming expert Sam Otway shows you how to achieve one of this year’s most in-demand hairstyles; the textured messy crop.


Sam Otway oversees the Closed on Monday Master Barber team and has a depth of knowledge of hair products, how they work and why they work from his travels around the world. It is during his travels that he formed his vision for the Closed on Monday range of men’s grooming products.


Why The Textured Messy Crop Works

In order to capture a modern yet gentlemanly look, why not ask your barber for a textured messy crop? Leaving your hair slightly longer hair on top, shorter on the sides and textured at the front is a contemporary take on a classic cut. The textured messy crop is suitable for the workplace but also feels modern.


The Cut You Should Ask Your Barber For


Ask your barber for a “messy textured crop with a quiff”. This style will work perfectly with both thick and fine hair and is particularly suitable for hair types that have a double crown or irregular growth patterns, as a textured finish will mask this. Supplying a picture of the style you want to achieve will guide your consultation and benchmark your levels of expectation. Contrary to popular belief, barbers tend to prefer a visual of the required hairstyle rather than a verbal description; it also minimizes the risk of you not getting what you want.


With a textured messy top (around 1 and a half-2 inches in length) and the front left longer, the sides of this cut can change to suit your preference. Shorter sides will look more dramatic and more contemporary.


What To Do Before You Style Your Hair


There are a few simple steps to achieving the look you want after you have left the barbershop. In order for you to re-create the look a good blow-dry is crucial.

Make sure that you have a good quality hair dryer with a nozzle on the end, using a nozzle will concentrate airflow and result in a much smoother finish.


How To Achieve The Look


Where possible, use a sea-salt spray on damp hair; this will increase texture when drying.

For a textured crop no brush is required. Using a nozzle hairdryer on a high heat, dry your hair while pushing your fingers through your hair in the direction you’d like your hair to sit.

Concentrate on the front of your hair when blow drying to ensure lift for the hairstyle’s quiff. Get as much volume as you can. If the front is too big it’s easy to flatten down later.

Apply Closed on Monday Matte Paste to the hair, working the paste into the palms of your hands before applying to your hair. Start at your crown and finish at the front of your hair to ensure that no large clumps of product ruin the finish. Remember, you can always add more product during the process but can’t take any away without washing.

Guide your fingertips through your hair to evenly distribute the Matte Paste. Using a scrunching action will ensure a messy finish, enhancing the texture.