Sarah Mikaela On Living In London


We quiz the fashion and lifestyle blogger on her favourite city hotspots

Industry insiders are often the ones to put a fresh and innovative spin on new fashion collectins, be it with the products that they favour or the ways in which they piece an outfit together. And that's why this season, we've asked fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion to curate her very own AW17 edit. Not just a styling inspiration but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to London's coolest hot spots, we took time out of shooting on set to quiz her on what she loves about the city.

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You’ve lived in a few places across the globe. What makes London special and why was it here that you decided to call home?

There’s so much going on in London and the city is filled with such a variety of creative minds that I’m never bored. It offers something completely unique and very different to where I’m from in Denmark. It’s a very global city – you can find bits of so many different areas of the world if you know where to look.

Where do you go for the best coffee in town?

Dishoom is my favourite place to go at the moment. It’s perhaps not somewhere you’d necessarily pinpoint as offering such specialist coffee but it’s honestly delicious. And the date and banana porridge that they do is to die for. Breakfast meeting gold! Also, The Hive just off Broadway Market is a forever favourite of mine.

…and the best dinner setting?

NAC in Mayfair is beautiful. I order lots of little dishes so I get to try bits of everything but I always choose the sweet potato with crème fraiche. For something more low-key, it’s got to be Homeslice – it’s hands down the best pizza in town.

What would your ideal day in London consist of?

It would be a Sunday and I’d go to Columbia Road flower market. If you get there after 1pm they sell everything off for a fraction of the price and people flock there in their hundreds so the atmosphere is amazing. Then I’d go into Shoreditch for a coffee. Redchurch Street is my favourite spot in London so the day would have to involve a wander around the shops there at some point as well.

Do you have any favourite London shooting locations?

I like to use busy areas as a backdrop to my photographs so somewhere central is usually my first choice. I love the movement of cabs and buses in the background of a photo so I actually find rush hour to be the best time to shoot although it’s definitely not the easiest option.

What 3 places would you recommend to someone for their first time in London?

Shoreditch is my favourite part of the city. I love the atmosphere and the fact that most of what you come across is independently run. Its boutiques and coffee shops are all quite unique and you can find some real hidden gems. When it comes to tourism, Waterloo Bridge is my number one view and I’d definitely recommend a walk along that part of the Thames for the quintessentially ‘London’ experience. Lastly, Artwords book store is well worth a visit. It’s full of independent magazines and creative titles.

Is there anything in particular that London is missing that you think Denmark does really well?

The coffee in Denmark is always going to taste that little bit better than in London I think but the diversity of the food you can find in London is much greater. If I really want to feel ‘at home’ in Denmark I’ll go to Frederiksberg. It’s very relaxed, very green and there are plenty of luxury vintage stores to wander around.

Where’s next on your travel list?

I’m actually heading back to Denmark next week and then am heading over to Germany from there at the weekend. Next on my global wishlist though is Tanzania.