Five reasons why you need a velvet jacket


Introducing the hero piece you never knew you needed...

The human love affair with velvet has roots as far back as the 14th century, but its enduring legacy lies in its association with all things rakish. Whether donned by the purveyor of smoking-jacket schmooze, Hugh Hefner, or modelled by the many faces of Bond, soft, tufted cotton has stood the test of time… even after the heyday of Austin Powers.

Refreshed and repurposed for the man of today, the classic velvet blazer has been reworked in a slim-fit and shorter body for a more contemporary silhouette. There are myriad reasons why a velvet blazer is a smart investment piece for your wardrobe, but we’ve highlighted our top five below…

1. It’s ideal for winter occasions

Those late-November/December events are the prime opportunity to rethink your black-tie approach for something a little more… interesting. In fact, party season in general is a license to step outside of your comfort zone and inject your outfit with a bit of seasonal flair without compromising the dress code. With that in mind, swap out your wool jacket for a rich, tonal velvet option – we suggest burgundy – for a timely take on a classic style.


2. …And weekend dates

Few people appreciate the true versatility of velvet. Yes, it lends itself more to formal settings, but it can also be dressed down with a T-shirt and jeans for a weekend-ready look. Got a date on the cards? A velvet jacket will impress without appearing like you’ve tried too hard. Pair with a shirt and dark jeans or trousers, but leave the jacket button unfastened and the top two shirt buttons undone. Plus, consider the texture of velvet: it’s just begging to be touched. American GQ didn’t call it the “foreplay” jacket for nothing.

3. It works in a variety of colours

Well, much like all evening jackets, velvet comes in a plethora of colours, from dark greens, to blues, burgundies and of course, the classic black. If you’re only looking to invest in one, a blue is your best option. Greens and burgundies are more seasonally focused colours whereas blue can take you from a winter wedding through to a fancy dinner in spring without looking like you’re trying to flog your Christmas party outfit.


4. Say goodbye to the chill

Not to hammer home an obvious point, but velvet is a warm fabric; it exudes a sense of plush comfort you won’t find with a standard wool or cotton jacket. Come wintertime, you’ll be glad of it when you step outside for some (frosty) air during those Christmas parties. And as we have already pointed out, the fabric is extremely touchable. You’re partner/date will be glad of it too when linking arms waiting for the Uber.   

5. There are no rules

The beauty of velvet is that it’s completely flexible to interpretation. There’s no rigid code that says it has to be a double-breasted, single-button jacket. The majority of velvet blazers tend to come with peak lapels, but there’s no reason you can’t opt for a notch or shawl one. Some jackets opt for a pure velvet fabric while others will feature a contrasting satin lapel. Both work fine, depending on your own preference. Likewise with flap or lined pockets, etc. If we may suggest one thing, though, let velvet be the leading star of your ensemble. It makes enough of a statement on its own that the rest of your look should be neutral.