Father's Day Gift Guide


From sleek speakers to a sophisticated grooming kit, wrap up Father’s Day with our gift guide

While the latest biography from an ageing dad rock star may occasionally cut the mustard, there are times where your father deserves a more luxurious gift. Aside from a well-cooked meal, technology holds a special place in many a man’s heart while a sleek watch will – ahem – stand the test of time as a sophisticated and thoughtful present.

For the more discerning dad of today, a gift that will say, “you’ve still got it” will land you high on their favourite-child leader board, so we at Reiss have taken the hard work off your shoulders and pooled together the best presents to indulge your old man with. Disclaimer: no novelty socks appear on this list.

For the music aficionado…

For the dad who uses the phone-in-a-bowl method for blasting his music, get him up to speed with a Bluetooth speaker that looks as sophisticated as it sounds. Kreafunk’s Bluetooth offerings are as beautiful in appearance as they are in sound delivery. The aFunk 360-degree speaker is easy to handle and can be popped into a bag ahead of a barbecue or picnic. It has a playback time of up to 20 hours and can be paired via Bluetooth from your phone for hands-free enjoyment. For something with a touch more luxury, the aGroove speaker makes a stylish addition to your interior while still providing 24 hours playback with a crisp sound quality.

Can’t abide listening to your dad’s music? Kreafunk’s aHead wireless headphones will do the trick. Perfect for listening to music on the go, play your favourite tunes for up to 14 hours while the control panel on one of the ears makes adjusting volume super easy. The clean, contemporary design will appeal to all ages, too. For the more active father, the bGem in-ear headphones offer that same smooth listening experience while on a run or at the gym.

For the disorganised man…

Misplaced clippers, missing earphones, the charging cable left at the office… We’ve all experienced reaching into the bag to pull something out only for your hand to return empty. Enter, Mantidy’s carefully curated grooming rolls, which neatly organise all your grooming or tech essentials in a handsome herringbone leather. The TechRoll is an all-in-one 6-piece accessories kit for your phone, featuring a power bank, USB cable, charger and earphones, while the Grooming Roll holds together all your manicure tools, from trimming scissors to nail clippers. These exquisitely packaged gifts are perfect for the father who prides himself on his appearance, or the one who is forever losing his possessions.

For the esteemed gent…

There is an eternal beauty to a timepiece: it’s one of those gifts that rarely disappoints and it will stand to the wearer for years to come, seeing him through every occasion along the way. If you’re aiming to really impress this Father’s Day, turn to the classic appeal of Larsson & Jennings’ watches for a gift that exudes luxury and statement. When you give a watch as a gift you are not only giving someone time, you are giving them a gift of value, style and sentiment. From the traditional Jura, with its leather strap and clean dial, to the more contemporary functionality and aesthetic of the Meridian, a Larsson & Jennings’ watch is a timeless way to mark Father’s Day.

For the eco friendly…

Drinking water may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s something we do daily and often with little attention given towards the long-term damage of disposable plastic water bottles. Italian brand 24Bottles have designed high-quality sustainable steel bottles for hydration on the go, for a reusable solution that is as stylish as it is functional. The Urban bottles are extra lightweight, making them easy to carry from office to gym to tube, and it will award any father bonus points for his commitment to the environment.