David Reiss is awarded the Drapers Lifetime Achievement award

This week marks a proud moment for all at Reiss as founder Davis Reiss is awarded the coveted Drapers Lifetime Achievement Award. The publication’s cover shoot and printed interview outlines his professional journey and pays homage to his contribution to retail over the past 45 years in business.

“One thing I think you can see is that I’m a purist,” he is quoted. “I’ve never liked fashion for fashion’s sake – I’ve always been about selling clothes that people really want to wear and that feel-good factor. You have to have a really clear vision of who you are, and what you are and I think that’s been with me all the way through.”

Now, as a result of this vision for the brand and drive to make it a success, Reiss has a portfolio of over 160 stores and is operating in 15 different countries across the world. 

Photographer: Cat Garcia