The Blazer To Take Note Of


Worn dressed up at the office or as your lead piece for weekend attire, the Note blazer is the wardrobe hero you need this new season

Here at Reiss we appreciate the sartorial splendour of a standalone blazer and its ability to immediately make you feel more smartly dressed and put-together. Historically speaking, the term “blazer” was birthed back in 1825 as a descriptor of the red suit jackets of the Lady Margaret Boat Club. Since then, the blazer has been reinterpreted throughout the decades, from university status symbols to the modish fashion of Sixties and Seventies’ London.

In 2018, it has become as much a smart-casual staple as it is a workwear icon, helping to put a sophisticated spin on myriad outfits. Timeless, versatile and one of those rare pieces that you’ll revisit across all seasons, the Note blazer is your new wardrobe hero – you just don’t know it yet.

The Note’s attention to detail, from the handsome fabrication to the checked weave, makes it a standout piece that will pair perfectly with most looks, whether you want to dress it up for the office or you fancy a touch of flair with your laid-back weekend outfit.  


Often the standard for most single-breasted blazers, a notch lapel is one where the lapel meets the collar at an angle to form a triangle (like a sideway V) and is one of the most traditional of lapels, usually reserved for business attire or occasions such as weddings.