AW16 Men's Style Tribes


From the modern utilitarian to the urban explorer, meet this season's most stylish menswear tribes

Just as each season in menswear has its must-have items, so too does each season bring with it a new raft of men’s style tribes. While every tribe may pledge its allegiance to a distinct sartorial code, they all have in common a zeitgeist-grasping appreciation of the best of the season. To help you make sure that you’re stealing all of their killer style moves, we’ve compiled our list of the tribes who are making waves with their dress sense.


The urban explorer may be dressed as if he’s about to embark upon a trip which will test his mettle against the elements, but in fact the worst he’s likely to come up against in the city is an unexpected downpour. Despite this, he’s dressed for all eventualities. Rarely seen without a shearling jacket, plaid shirt or heavy-soled boots, he prizes rugged practicality above all else and is a master of layering. Undeniably stylish but strikingly unfussy, the urban explorer is the flag-bearer for men who want to get dressed up without getting too dressed up.


Undeterred by those who describes it as unadventurous, minimalism as a menswear movement has gained considerable ground in recent years and shows no sign of loosening its perfectly tasteful grip any time soon. It’s staunchest proponent - the modern minimalist - on paper may take his style simple, but in reality he’s no novice. Yes, he shows a more than passing appreciation of pared-back basics and rarely strays from the colours white, navy, black and grey, but for the modern minimalist, the devil is in the detail. His uniform? The perfect white T-shirt, slim selvedge jeans, box-fresh sneakers and a perfectly-proportioned worker jacket.


Tailoring - with its long and storied history - brings with it a whole set of strict rules. There’s the fundamentals of fit (which hold regardless of the season) and then there are rules surrounding appropriate companions for a suit. Flouting regard for the latter, the uncoventionalist has taken tailoring and given it a stylish new purpose. He favours sneakers and sportswear over brogues and shirts and more often than not wears his suit sans socks. No doubt drawing scornful glances from those uninitiated,the unconventionalist makes tailoring look trailblazing.


We may have come a long way sartorially since the glory days of preppy style, but right now a whole new coterie of well-heeled men are rediscovering the appeal of this hip yet wholesome brand of dressing. Spotting the contemporary prep is easy - he’ll be decked out in the menswear classics that never really go away. Think slim-fit chinos, penny loafers, button-down oxford shirts and chunky knitwear (cardigans and rollnecks are his preferred styles). But, how does the contemporary prep avoid looking like a collegiate cliche? By making sure that the items he wears are cut slim and boast discreet contemporary updates.