5 Rules For Effortless Airport Styling


Clever layering, chic carry-ons, and tonal colourways. We introduce your fashion decrees for flying in style this summer.

From long delays to foreign layovers, travelling can be a uniquely challenging experience, even if your final destination is ultimately worth the hassle. One way to alleviate some of your pressures while in transit? Make sure your sartorial choices aren’t adding any extra stress.  

Light, all-weather layers will keep you comfortable from check-in to baggage claim, especially in looser, relaxed silhouettes. Forgiving fabrics with extra stretch are the comfiest styling choice for a long-haul flight and a roomy, structured tote will hold its shape even in a crowded overhead locker.

Ready for takeoff? The runway is now your catwalk...

1. Opt for loose silhouettes

Skinny jeans and a fitted top might be ideal for an evening soiree, but, when you’re spending hours on end in a seated position, forgiving fabrics should be your first port of call.

Fashion and comfort are rarely associated with one another, but in the interests of making your journey as pleasant as possible, gravitate towards relaxed-fit trousers with a looser leg and keep your sleeves voluminous and billowy. Steer clear of stiff, structured shapes and don’t be shy about embracing an elastic waistband.

2. Dress to impress

Throwback to the days when travelling by plane was a sartorial event in itself and head to the airport in your finest, flight-friendly attire. Not only will your 'gram game be on point, but fashioning yourself in a first-class ensemble is the easiest way to secure an upgrade.  

Velour sweatpants and wrinkled T-shirts are a firm no-no but a sleek, satin shirt, tailored two-piece trouser suit and matching leather accessories all translate to a life well-traveled - with the wardrobe to match. 


3. light layering is key

It might be tanning weather when you touch down at your destination, but, in the airport terminal, temperatures are usually Arctic. Rather than carrying around a heavy, cold-weather coat, take a calculated approach to layering your look by offsetting a knitted jumper with a light trench and dainty scarf.

As the temperatures shift throughout your journey, use your scarf as a shawl if needed, or place your trench coat over your shoulders to cool off. 

4. Pick a tonal colour palette

If you’ve got an early morning flight time, the last thing you need is to be styling an outfit while half asleep. Matching separates offer a put-together feel with a high fashion finish, ideal for a pre-sunrise boarding call. 

If you’re not too keen on wearing a coordinated set, work with a tonal shade range of neutrals that instantly denotes minimal effort with maximum impact. Extra fashion points if your accessories match the theme, too. 

5. Upgrade your accessories

Granted, your outfit might look marginally better with those oversized earrings and that bejewelled belt, but will your wardrobe choices be worth the extra time at security? Probably not.

Stick to a failsafe formula of flat shoes (in case you need to run to the gate), a pair of oversized sunnies that double up as an onboard sleep mask and a compact carry-on that fits easily under the seat in front of you. All that's left to carry? Just your passport...