6 Men With Great Winter Style


Learn how to get dressing for winter wrapped up with the help of these 6 stylish menswear influencers

Winter can do a lot to destroy a man’s appearance. As if constantly switching from the piercingly cold outdoors to rooms where the heating is cranked up to face meltingly hot weren’t enough to ebb away at any chance of looking presentable, then the looming spectre of winter flu is enough to finish the job. First the bad news. There’s still no cure for the common cold, and what’s more you’re stuck with rapidly changing indoor and outdoor microclimates for now - sorry. The good news? There are ways of making dressing for the cold snap look like a cinch. We’ve rounded up 6 well-dressed menswear influencers who wore Reiss this season and highlight the ways in which each has mastered an aspect of dressing for winter.


The camel coat has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Not so long ago, this classic design was gathering dust in wardrobes and your best chance of getting your hands on a brand new one was at some equally dusty corner of a men’s tailoring shop. In 2016 the camel coat is everything a man could want in outerwear thanks to a sharp new silhouette, but it’s still prone to looking a little too ‘suit’ if not worn with enough know-how.

Kosta Williams here displays how to nail the double-breasted camel coat (no mean feat) without falling into the trap of looking like a Wall Street trader. The trick? All black everything. Note the black skull cap and heavy-duty boots which are the antithesis of everything stuffy the camel coat has been past associated with.


A rollneck jumper is always a great idea. How can we be so sure? Well for starters it meets that crucial cold weather need of, you know, keeping you warm, and provides the most refined way to do knitwear. We’re only too aware of the fact that the rollneck has a chorus of naysayers lining up to tarnish its sartorial credibility. To their accusations of unflattering geek chic we respond with Daniel Craig’s Bond and Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.

Then there’s the lesser known (but no less stylish) Marcel Floruss AKA One Dapper Street, who shows that the rollneck jumper can be recruited for the off-duty wardrobe with relative ease. For those put off by the rollneck’s not so sexy propensity for being worn by librarians, take your cue from Marcel and pair with a denim lined jacket to give this insulating design a youthful dressing down.


In the rush to bundle up for winter, it’s easy to forget that your wardrobe won’t consist solely of jumpers, scarves and coats. For a significant chunk of men a suit is a daily necessity for work, but despite this new tailoring is the last thing on most men’s minds as attention quickly turns to all things knitted.

So what? You’ve got plenty of suits which have served you well all summer. If only it were that simple. What any man who knows his tailoring will tell you is that the all season suit doesn’t really exist and you should choose a fabric weight to suit the weather. Ergo, summer suits should be lighter and winter suits should be cut from heavier cloth. Make like purveyor of sharp tailoring Brian Sachwa and avoid the temptation to plump for dark tailoring and instead choose heavyweight tailoring in a pale shade of grey.


As far as menswear goes military style never really goes away, having inspired pretty much everything in your wardrobe (you’re probably wearing military-inspired style right now without realising it). That said, overtly militaristic menswear has been having a quiet moment of late, falling foul of the current mood of stripped back minimalism.

The simplest (and undoubtedly most stylish) way to pay homage to this menswear movement for winter is to embrace military outerwear like Andrew Foxx. Worn simply over a sweatshirt and jeans, a thick, pocketed overcoat will instantly pep up your wardrobe basics so that you’re battle-ready for even the most unpleasant weather.


How winter appropriate is a black leather jacket? Very, it turns out. A black leather jacket is one of the most stylish items you can have at your disposal, but it’s the fact that this iconic style was designed to keep bikers warm when racing through eye-watering winds that really cements its status as winter necessity. If you’re looking to invest right now you can be guaranteed you’ll get your money’s worth out of yours for time to come too. High summer aside, the black leather jacket is pretty darn close to being seasonless.

For winter take your lead from Chris John Millington and pair with some heavy-duty boots, then either layer an overshirt and T-shirt beneath or try a textured knit in when the weather really bites.


If a quick scan of the passers by on the street is anything to go by, winter and colour are not comfortable companions. We get it. It’s dark outside, ergo your wardrobe must follow, a sartorial pathetic fallacy of sorts. But after a while navy and black gets boring.

So, how do you inject colour into your wardrobe without looking like a walking Dulux colour chart? Follow the lead of Raphaël Spezzotto-Simacourbe who makes a light work of dressing for winter. The answer isn’t wearing a less black shade of black, no, you’ll need to inject winter whites, camel and pale grey into your collection to give your wardrobe a new lease of life.