Discover our styling tips for what could prove to be the most important day of your career to date

If you’ve bookmarked 2017 as the year for that much-anticipated promotion, career overhaul or chance to secure your dream job, then it’s time to get your CV out there and start networking. One thing you won’t want to add to the stress of it all is choosing the right thing to wear so we’ve compiled a set of tips, tricks and considerations that will make composing an outfit a breeze.

1. Keep it relevant

The most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear to an interview is a) the nature of the company at which you’re interviewing and b) the role that you’re admittedly already in the running for. Suiting, for example, comes in all manner of guises and there’s nothing to say that SS17’s new relaxed silhouettes can’t cut a professional figure if styled right. Stick to more classic designs if you’re heading to a corporate environment but for a role in the creative industry, why not try an open double-breasted blazer teamed with wide-leg trousers? When styled with flats, this look strikes the balance between effortless and elegant. On the other hand, suiting might not be appropriate at all. Insider tips can really help you to gauge where on the smart-dressing spectrum your outfit should sit so see what you can find out from those in the know.  

2. Trends can be professional but denim is never ok

Feeling at ease in your outfit will allow you to focus on what you’re ultimately there to do – impress your potential new employer with your knowledge of the role. That said, it’s important to choose something that reflects your personal style. Working your favourite trends into your look is a great way to add a little personality – it’s just a case of moderation. Midi lengths are the perfect example for now but no matter how on-trend denim is, we're calling veto on it with regards to interview styling. Whether it’s wide-cut culottes or a box-pleat skirt, this of-the-moment length lends itself perfectly well to a point-toe heel or chunky mules. Why not try softening the look with a fine knit in merino or cashmere and adding a statement pair of earrings for a look that says pulled-together but personal?

 3. Accessories should be as considered as the outfit itself

If you’re applying for a fashion role specifically, accessories are a great way to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the industry. The appeal of a sleek yet understated tote is endless and when chosen right, it’s premium sensibility will only work to elevate your outfit further still. Shoes should be stylish but above all, comfortable. Bear in mind you might be walking up a lot of stairs or given a tour of the new office and you want to be able to do it well. Block-heel shoes are a winning choice for now as they’re smart, stylish and wearable but if you favour a stiletto, choose styles that feature ankle strap for support.  

4. Outerwear shouldn’t be an add-on

Now, perhaps more so than at any other time of year, that dreaded outerwear conundrum is at its peak. Lightweight jacket or heavy overcoat? You can’t predict it. It is, however, an important consideration when it comes to interview dressing. Longline silhouettes always carry an element of elegance but if you’re going for the aforementioned midi skirt or culottes then cropped cuts are a much more fitting compromise. Tailored designs in classic navy, black or grey make a smart addition to almost any look and lend themselves especially well to suiting so it’s good to have one on hand. What’s more? It will soon become your everyday work coat so it’s an investment that will go the distance.

5. First impressions count: A polished aesthetic goes a long way

Consideration is key when it comes to creating a polished overall aesthetic and it’s the finer details that promise to make all the difference. Bear in mind, it’s your overall appearance that your interviewer will clock before they’ve had a chance to make any other judgement. It may sound obvious, but freshly washed and ironed clothes are a must. The last thing you want is a make-up smudge on your white silk blouse. Nails should be tidy and if painted, un-chipped. Shoes should be polished. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference these finer points will make when working in tandem and if you’re confident in your look, you’ll be well placed to concentrate on answering whatever question comes your way.