Blogger and DJ duo, the Collyer Twins talk us through their picks for a summer in L.A.

The promise of a Bank Holiday weekend sparks a certain travel curiosity amongst many and as Easter Weekend approaches, we’re casting our thoughts to what and how to pack for the break. Here, we talk to travel experts, fashion bloggers and DJ duo, the Collyer Twins, about their upcoming trip to L.A. and discover what’s on their SS17 hitlist when it comes to sunshine style. Whether you’re planning your next beach getaway or you’re looking to bring the Californian spirit to home turf, make this edit your go-to for summer uniform inspiration.  

Describe your style in 3 words:

Jordan: Chic, casual and fun.
Loanne: Casual, chic and bohemian.

How do you adapt your style for a trip to somewhere like L.A?

Jordan: I up my floral dresses and denim shorts quotas as these pieces are so well suited to the L.A. aesthetic (and the climate).
Loanne: I’ll be swapping culottes and jeans for floral, boho-inspired dresses, boots for open-toe sandals and all-black outfits for white and bright colours.

What’s at the top of your to-do list when you land?

Jordan: I’ll be heading to the nearest pool party to sip on margaritas!
Loanne: The food at the Rose café looks delicious so I can’t wait to go there and have lunch in the sun. Watching the sunset on Venice beach is on my list as well, as is hiking in the Hollywood hills and cruising over to Palm Springs for Coachella.

What’s your top tip for packing smart when you’re away for a long period of time?

Jordan: Plan at least 3 different looks before you go so you’ll never be stuck for an outfit, and the right red lipstick is a game-changer. 
Loanne: Plan in advance and make sure you take a big enough suitcase to fit everything in – plus space for potential purchases whilst you’re away. I always take a blazer wherever I go as it makes any outfit look that little bit smarter.

How does this differ to when you’re packing for a quick weekend getaway?

Jordan: This trip is a little more relaxed than a lot of the long weekends that I tend to go on so for a quick getaway I’ll always pack a blazer and heels. It’s the easiest way to pull off a smart look but it’s also really effortless.
Loanne: If I’m packing for a weekend away, a couple of smart items of clothing is all that I need. My top tip: always throw in a pair of heels and (again) take that all-important smart blazer and you can’t go wrong.

Do you believe that less is more or you can you never have too many clothes?

Jordan: I've always been a less is more kind of girl. Even when I buy loads of clothes I always end up gravitating back to my go-to pieces.
Loanne: I think it's important to keep staple, timeless pieces that go with everything. However, with the majority of my clothes, I wear them a few times and then I want something new. So in that sense, I can never have too many clothes!

What are your top 3 in-flight essentials?

Jordan: My master Dynamic headphones, a good lip balm and Candy Kittens to snack on.  
Loanne: My headphones! I'd be lost if I couldn't listen to my music on a flight. It's an absolute must. A comfy pair of socks; my feet always need to be warm and cosy and a really great moisturising lotion to keep my skin and lips hydrated.

Which are your favourite pieces in your suitcase for this trip?

Jordan: The Reiss leather sneakers, the Cleo glasses in collaboration with Monokel and my vintage biker jacket.
Loanne: My Monokel sunnies from Reiss. I love them! They are cool but classic and I'm loving anything pink at the moment. I'm also in love with my new fringed leather jacket. It’s absolutely perfect for a breezy evening at Coachella. Get me there now!

What key trend you think everyone should buy into this summer?

Jordan: Pink! Anything from a ruffled T-shirt to footwear. It’s the most playful way to work trends into your current wardrobe but it can also be super sophisticated when styled right.
Loanne: Ruffles and stripes. I've just bought a new ruffled shirt, its perfect for summer and I love the way this technique creates new silhouettes atop classic styles. You also can't go wrong with stripes, for me they’ll always reference summer time.

When it comes to your beauty must-haves, what would you never leave the country without?

Jordan: La Mer hydrating serum.
Loanne: My origins moisturising lotion. My skin gets really dry and I also burn in the sun quite easily so it’s so important that I have a really good moisturising lotion for the flight and after a long day of sun exposure.

Where is next on your summer travel agenda?

Jordan: We’re booked to go to Ibiza in May for a campaign shoot which I’m really excited about.
Loanne: I cannot wait for Ibiza. We're such sun babies. We grew up in Portugal so we always feel most at home by the beach when the sun is shining.