At the heart of our business are our people. We all have a part to play in our continued success. Our people values are integral to this and support the entrepreneurial spirit that Reiss was built on:


Is all about having a clear sense of what needs to be achieved to succeed and exceed, having a strong perspective on your area of the business or your role, and knowing how you can move it forward.


Is all about being committed and taking pride in your approach to your role and the brand, going the extra mile and inspiring others.


Is all about how you will make things happen as you strive for excellence, being self – motivated, ambitious and accountable for your actions.

This film was created to capture the essence of our culture, and explores what it is like to work at Reiss as it takes you on a journey through the business, from the design room to the shop floor and beyond...


Claire, Design

What is your role and how does this support the business?

My role is senior womenswear designer. I am responsible for the design of the leather, denim and jersey garments in the womenswear range.

What's your story? How did you get to where you are today?

My love of art and design from the day I could pick up a pencil led me to a Fashion Design degree which I graduated from in 2007. My London graduate show led me on to my first internship. From there I worked on a number of fashion design internships at various levels of the industry for almost a year and a half. My first role was as a design room assistant where I would assist designers on all categories within the team. From there I worked my way up to be a womenswear designer specialising in leather, denim and casual product. A year ago, this led me to Reiss and the role I am in now.

What’s the most enjoyable part of working in Reiss?

I love the product I work on. I am obsessed with the details and enjoy designing a product from start to finish. From having an idea on a mood board and developing this in to a finished garment in the store which people want to buy. Seeing people buying and wearing my ideas is what drives me to evolve so they want to come back for more.

Jonti, Design

What is your role and how does this support the business?

My role is Junior Menswear Designer I work alongside the senior designers as well as designing the shirt & print range each season. This works in line with supporting the Accessories Designer with our seasonal range of soft accessories. I also attend fabric shows in London, Milan and Paris to find fabrications in keeping with the Reiss design ideologies.

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are today?

I joined Reiss 3 years ago, a year after finishing university where I studied Menswear Design. I freelanced as a print and accessory designer for a year working with some luxury brands which gave me invaluable experience, confidence and direction. I joined Reiss as an Assistant Designer working across different categories before focusing on shirt and accessory design.

What’s the most enjoyable part of working in Reiss?

There are many elements that make Reiss such an enjoyable place to work. The pace is fast and as a result there is never a dull moment. You are given the freedom to build a seasonal story as a team which is vital for any designer as it gives you a real sense of direction. We lose ourselves in the fashion archives and vintage shops looking for inspiration. We bring everything to the table and find our direction for the season and filter it into a considered range of mood boards which break down the different parts of the season. Each one is tailored and tells its own story whether its colour, weight or cut, the product is designed with the customer in mind. For me one of the most enjoyable things is finding a fabric that doesn’t only reference our research but show the sharp and cool ideologies that Reiss has always stood for.